The Selma Arts Council expresses steadfast solidarity with the Black community and with groups working to promote social justice and equity for communities of color in the arts, education, and society at large. Black lives matter, and addressing the systemic problems in organizations and institutions is the first step to making a lasting change. We believe in making ourselves accountable to action in these times. 

While we are proud of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we recognize there is much work to be done. We see an overwhelming absence of Black voices, Indigenous voices, and people of color on the stage, behind the scenes, and at the table in theatres across the country and especially here in our own communities. The Selma Arts Council feels a responsibility to take steps that will advance our commitment to diversity and inclusion. As such, the Selma Arts Council:

  • • is now accepting applications to fill two voluntary positions on the Selma Arts Council. We strongly encourage applications from candidates who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color. This is our attempt to create space and leadership opportunities for voices who are traditionally and unfairly disenfranchised. Applications are available now at, by clicking on ‘Opportunities’ under the ‘Get Involved’ tab. Every application submitted will be considered and reviewed.
  • • will host a series of conversations to raise awareness around the current state of diversity and inclusion in both the national and local theatre community. Along with invited guests and community members, and open to the public, our aim will be to listen first, and then begin a conversation that can lead to equitable changes.
  • • renews its commitment to culturally diverse programming, as stated in our mission statement, and pledges to curate events purposefully and intentionally to promote diversity and inclusion in our programming. 

Members of the Selma Arts Council have made personal donations to several causes including Black Lives Matter, NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund, The Bail Project, NorCal Resist Activist Bails, Fresno State NAACP, The Fools Collaborative, and others working towards social justice and equitable changes across the country. 

We all have the power to make a difference. This is our way of initiating a change that is more inclusive to the voices that represent our communities. We have heard a call to action. We invite others in our community to join us in this necessary work and to examine the ways in which our practices might be silencing voices that are critical to our conversations about art and the world we all share. 

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to reach out to us at


The Selma Arts Center strives to enrich the lives of all people who pass through our doors by leading a culturally diverse collective of local artists who provide quality theatre and artistic experiences for the community at large. Home to dramatic, visual, literary, and musical arts, the Selma Arts Center works to create experiences that are inspirational, educational, and of the highest caliber. We are proud to provide a variety of programs that reflect the diverse interests of the communities we serve.