The SACademy

SACadamy Dance Camp | August 21st - 25th


LOCATION: Selma Arts Center

DATES: August 21st -25th

LENGTH: 5 Days



AGE: 16+

OBJECTIVE: The SACADEMY Dance Camp goal is to provide a learning environment for young adults and adults to learn and develop dance skills no matter their level. These skills will include stretching/warm up techniques, enhance choreography pick-up speed, develop expression and characterization skills, teach basic choreography development, and provide exposure to different styles of dance.

DETAILS: Each class will begin an introduction to the style and song for the class time, followed by a warm-up and “across the floor” or technique section. The instructor will then teach a combo ranging in level and length while providing education and corrections along the way. At the end of each class, each participant will be able to complete the routine to the best of their abilities and will have the opportunity to record themselves (solo or with others) as well as participate in a class recording to be potentially shared on social media and for personal use.

• DAY 1: Jazz/Jazz Funk – Yummy by Gwen Stephanie • DAY 2: Hip-Hop – Check by Qveen Herby • DAY 3: Lyrical/Modern – Corps by Yseult • DAY 4: Musical Theater – Rhythm of the Tambourine from Hunchback • DAY 5: Developing Choreography (Chat + Work Day)