Advertisement Opportunity - CKP: Shrek Jr.

We would like to extend to you, the opportunity to advertise your business, while supporting the

Selma Cool Kid Player as we stream & live perform “Shrek Jr.” June 2021.

Don’t have a business? Submit a Personal Messages and highlight an Actor in the show!

The Cool Kid Players live performances of Shrek Jr. will be held June 17th- 20th 2021, and steamed online June 24th & 25th 2021. Ads will be displayed in a full color quality program to our audience members and also highlighted on our Cool Kid Players social media platforms. Advertise your business and reach out to our hundreds of audience members and Facebook followers.

  • Half Page AD (5” across X 4” down)            $35.00
  • Full Page AD (5” across X 8” down)            $50.00

3 Ways to Order

Purchase your advertisement space online at www.selmaartscenter.com, 2. Order over the phone at (559) 891-2238.  3. Submit your payment and Ad with an actor in the show!

Please note: Disclosures will be added to all political ads stating the Selma Arts Center is not associated with the Ad or in support. The Selma Arts Center reserves the right to refund any Ad the Center considers inappropriate content.     

Advertisement Opportunity Form - Shrek Jr.

Selma Arts Council

All of the productions and programming you see at SAC are the direct result of the Selma Arts Council, a working committee of artists and professionals who volunteer their time, talents, expertise, and resources to help the legacy of the arts continue to thrive in Selma. We strive to promote a balance of art programming at SAC including events that showcase dance, theatre, visual and literary arts, and we are currently in need of individuals who are interested in joining us in our endeavors. Applicants must be willing to work hard on a volunteer basis and should have insight and experience in one of the above mentioned artistic fields. We invite applicants from all fields but are particularly interested in members of the visual arts, as well as volunteers with fundraising experience, though we will review all of the applications earnestly.

Completed applications should be sent to nicolettea@cityofselma.com 

Arts Council Application