Becoming Gypsy: Interview with Brianne Vogt

Introducing Brianne Vogt, playing the role Louise, aka Miss Gypsy Rose Lee.

We asked Brianne to give us a little insight on how she prepared for her role in the Selma Arts Centers production of Gypsy.

Some thoughts on Louise:

“The thing that intrigued me about Louise is also the thing that makes her a challenging character to play: She is one of the most dynamic characters in the show – The audience watches her grow from a little girl who was pushed aside to a grown woman who is at home in the spot light.
In order for the audience to experience the full impact of Louise’s journey, she has to be believable at each stage.

In preparing to play Louise, I thought about ways to indicate youth and insecurity in my speech and body language. As the play progresses, I tried to find ways to stand a little taller and speak with more authority. All leading up to the closing scenes when Louise very much holds her own next to the huge personality that is her mother.

As an actor, it’s exciting to take on that challenge and go on that journey every time we perform. My hope is that the audience will go on that journey with me and the rest of the cast!


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